Examples of Participants Responses

Jane, who was very critical of her mother, shared how displeased with herself she became when realizing that her own angered reactions were as aggressive and harsh as her mother's. This realization helped her to review her own angry behaviors and eventually try to modify them. At the same time, her self-awareness provided a decrease in her own feelings of anger toward her mother. Jane stated feeling a greater empathy toward her mother, after the exercise, with more understanding and acceptance.

Pat reported how saddened she felt about her mother's unsatisfied life. She realized that this sadness was unconsciously hindering her own pleasure and feelings of happiness in her own life. By identifying with her mother, Pat was not allowing herself nor her family to enjoy more in life.

Alicia reported that after this exercise her anger and rejection of her mother had diminished. She reported feeling more loving and admiring of her mother. Her resistance to her mother's remarks was less acute. The group's empathy and understanding helped Alicia to become aware of her mother's life struggles and helped to enlarge her limited perspective.

At the beginning, Julie had presented her mother as a selfish, ego-centered person, sparing more time for her own interests than for her family, an attitude always resented by both Julie and her sister. However, with the group's questions and remarks, an important reframing occurred in Julie's perception. She reported that now she could better understand her mother's joy and passion for life, and her refusal to comply with the traditional motherly roles. This understanding helped Julie to review her own compulsive motherly duties. She realized that as a reaction to her mother, she had adopted an overprotective mothering style which was quite frustrating and negatively affecting her existence. Julie decided to allow herself more time and space for her own interest areas.

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