Effective Communication

The concept of effective communication between two humans seems so simple; yet communication—or ineffective communication—is at the crux of what tears relationships apart. Furthermore, Markman (1981) identified premarital communication as one of the strongest predictors of future marital distress.

Communication is so healthy, yet we do it so rarely. Between emails, memos, text messages, faxes, and Blackberries, we can go an entire day, or even days, without talking to a single person. Effective communication is so much more than merely getting your point across. It's about listening, empathizing, and allowing ourselves to be open enough to become vulnerable all in the name of reviving relationships and enhancing self-esteem.

In this sense, self-esteem refers to whether one accepts oneself, respects oneself, and considers oneself a person of worth and asser-tiveness training (AT) is thought to enhance one's self-esteem, self-confidence, inteipersonal relationships, personal fulfillment, and internal locus of control (Delamater & McNamara, 1986; Mendelson, 2007).

Solid Confidence Affirmation

Solid Confidence Affirmation

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