This is a generic intervention for group leaders and as such has application for many forms of group intervention including homogeneous or heterogeneous groups, a process or theme-based group, a time-limited or open-ended group, or any other category or theoretical approach to the work. The main point here is to ensure that the intervention is well planned, structured, prepared, and initiated.

Often, the beginning group therapist puts more emphasis on the procedures of leadership that take place in the first and subsequent meetings of the group. The main point of this intervention is the idea that the group work begins from the moment that the therapist has the idea that a therapeutic group is needed, which allows for a focus on the many details that require attention before the first group meeting. This checklist was designed with the idea that the beginning group therapist can benefit from having a tool which assures that all appropriate due diligence has been covered and that the group is in fact ready for the first meeting.

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