Description Of Group And Patient Population

The intervention of modifying the identifications with which the patient enters therapy is effective with most patients both in short-term and longer-term groups. In a shorter-term group, this intervention is best limited to the primary identification that the patient brings. In a longer-term group this intervention can be used to modify multiple negative identifications.

This intervention is best used with patients who fall within the normal range of intelligence and who have the ability to step back from themselves and observe their feelings and their behaviors. It is also most effective with patients who are able to receive feedback from others without being unduly hurt.

Therapists from different theoretical orientations including psy-chodynamic, cognitive, and humanistic/relational also can use this intervention. The cognitive therapist can use this intervention while focusing more on the patient's thoughts and/or schemas which are connected to the identification. The humanistic/relational therapist can also use this intervention while focusing more on how identifications affect relationships within the group.

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