Creating The Containment Field For Groups

My family argued a lot and did not know much about encouragement. We were not very emotionally close and saying what mattered to me was not easily done, unless I could be angry at the same time. I have come to appreciate a number of things about my family as an adult, but as a young adult and later as a beginning therapist I only appreciated that my experience had provided me the motivation to look for something more meaningful and alive for my life. I was looking for emotional safety and connection and it occurred to me that perhaps I was not alone in this pursuit. It slowly dawned on me that what created a sense of safety and encouragement for me was being with a group of people that I knew and who accepted and encouraged me. Over time 1 began to wonder how to create this condition for myself and how to create it in therapy groups, and educational contexts. I discovered that my need was a common one. What follows is a general framework and then some guidelines about how to create this positive and compelling circumstance in groups.

The intervention that I will describe is in the service of creating an environmental atmosphere that is safe enough to encourage and support personal risk-taking on the part of group members. Its inception is based on my own work (Cohen, 2006) and the ideas of Deep Democracy as described by (Mindell, 2002).

It is a preemptive intervention in that it establishes a consistency and structure that can be counted upon and also provides an opportunity for each participant to express, hear, and be heard by the entire group. The content of the sharing is variable but includes where a person is at in the moment, what happened to him or her since the last meeting that is significant, issues related to being in the group, issues with another group member, and issues with the group leader. The group is "taught" that this is an experience to create connection opportunities within the group, to get to know something about the current life experience of the group members, to know their in-the-moment experience, be known, develop the community dimension of the group, and establish an optimal level of safety. This process becomes a predictable and consistent part of the group's process and structure, which meets needs for predictability and security while providing an opportunity to check in.

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Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

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