Contraindications And Recommendations

The "I's" can be used in all situations from group therapy to everyday communication. The more practice I as a therapist have in utilizing this technique in my life, the greater my skill in applying the concept in my group communication. With even more practice, in highly charged emotional moments, I can assist the group more effectively. Very quickly, as therapists, we can discover the shift in thinking and expression provided with this technique. As therapists develop proficiency with using the "I's," we begin to "hear" most conversations through this "ear." Greater practice ensures greater expertise. Although I have found no contraindications for this intervention, it is important for the therapist to be aware of the ego strength of the group members.

I have come to recognize how infrequently our society utilizes this important skill. In the various groups I run, therapy, supervision, and consultation, using the "Ts" has enhanced the work done by the group. The "I's" have it!


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