Contraindica Tion

A danger is in the belief of whether the group therapist can also tolerate a multiplicity of meanings in which the therapist is but one of the group and group members can also have insight and put their subjective mark on the group experience. Another more profound danger is found when a therapist's silence repeats inadvertently the silence caused by the physical or emotional absence of a significant person in the patient's past. In those cases with traumatized patients the therapist must lend his or her personality or empathic functions to the group and later help it learn to acquire and use these abilities.

Finally, when the analyst is speaking, not only must he or she listen to himself or herself and the choice of words and rhythms of speech but he or she needs to be aware that the rest of the group is silently listening. They listen with acuteness and sensitivity to every element of what the therapist says because in their silence they are making sense and confusion of his or her words.


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