Modeling a nondefensive and empathic acceptance of resistance in adolescent groups is an intervention that can enhance adolescents' empathy and prosocial behavior. In order to effectively carry out this intervention, the group leader must ascribe to the paradigm that resistant behavior in the group is a part of the group's developmental need, and as such, must be responded to with a positive connotation (Hurley, 1984). Equally important is a stance that incorporates the dynamic of "power and otherness" (Delpit, 1995, p. 134) when communicating

Modeling a Nondefensive and Empathie Acceptance of Group Resistance 241

across individual and social differences within the group. Power differential, stereotypes, and other barriers can "prevent us from seeing each other" (p. 134). "Seeing" each other forms the core of the empathie response, and when modeled by the leader in group, can be an effective technique when working through the resistance of adolescents.

Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

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