Conclusion On Group Therapy

In conclusion, this particular technique is very effective for providing feeling work, catharsis, (especially for grief work), and the opportunity for the client to realize that the client is not alone, (Yalom, 1975). It allows for feelings to be expressed, acknowledged, and honored. It is part of the healing work or original pain work (Bradshaw, 1988).

individual Psychotherapy in the Context of a Group: An Intervention 267


Individual experiential psychotherapy must be handled and utilized cautiously. The clients must be high functioning, have good ego strengths, and willing to receive feedback from the other members. It is important to be careful about who is chosen as a member. Certainly anyone with borderline personality features or disorders, antisocial or narcissistic personality disorders would not be a candidate. Severely depressed clients with poor ego boundaries, active substance users or anyone with marginal intellectual functioning would not be appropriate. In addition, no one should be forced to participate if they are not willing to do so. However, when choosing members for this type of group experience, that is already a consideration.


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