Conclusion And Counterindications

The group therapist's attention to the counterresistance phenomena (in addition to countertransference) is crucial when facilitating group psychotherapy with an analytic approach. When the group therapist detects the presence of these reactions in herself or himself, she or he should utilize them as a compass, which will direct interventions and interpretations. Counterresistance in group psychotherapy is much more common than many clinicians might think and is intimately linked to the patients' resistances in group situations, which interferes with group transferences in its various levels, in addition to the obvious countertransference issues.

Counterindications to this process are found in the group therapist. If the group therapist presents any resistance to the unfolding of the group process, the tendency of the entire group will be to identify with that resistance. Therefore, the therapist should be able to tolerate and contain different levels of anxiety, in addition to manifestations of an aggressive or sexual nature that may surface in the group. If the therapist is not aware of her or his own resistance, she or he will make a mistake in avoiding certain topics or not interpreting them adequately. In this case, the therapist's interventions will be premature or pacifying, functioning only to preserving her or him and the group. Subsequently, the therapist may prevent free-flowing reparatory and transformative interactions and experiences for the patients.


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