Conclusion And Contraindications

This sort of psychoeducational modeling of interpersonal group process can be very useful to help potential group members who have the necessary skills in abstraction and introspection, but may not be familiar or comfortable with the (culturally incongruent) idea of sharing reactions and impressions (especially affective ones) with others, and may not understand the interpersonal benefit that may result from doing so in a psychotherapy group.

Such a therapy group may be contraindicated for people without these cognitive abilities. A person's inability to understand this story, and its interpersonal implications, may be useful in making such a determination.


1. This example is relevant, however, to any psychodynamic psychotherapy group.


Rutan, J.S. & Stone, W. (1993). Psychodynamic group psychotherapy (Second edition). New York: The Guilford Press. Yalom, I. (1995). The theory and practice of group psychotherapy (Fourth edition). New York: Basic Books.

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