Conclusion And Contraindications

This workshop is an example of the successful use of group dynamic techniques with a teaching staff within a school setting (Slavin, 1997). The participants built a trusting relationship with the leader that enhanced their relationships as teacher and psychologist. They began to feel understood. Other successful workshops have addressed elementary school students (Bany & Johnson, 1964), and high school students (Laquercia, 1977; Slavin, 1997, 2002; Welber, 1977).

As a possible contraindication, teachers are used to discussing material presented to them and they would feel less challenged if they were not approached right away to disclose personal information. In an inexperienced, untrained teachers' group, I would start off with a tape describing good and bad stress and stress relief, and use this tape as a stimulus for discussion. I, too, would discuss the issues of lateness and early leaving as forms of resistance. This would be done privately, with each group member, before bringing it up in the group, as there are many sources of interruption in a teacher's schedule, which require the group leader to be more flexible than in private practice.


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