Conclusion And Contraindications

A precautionary note is given about how much structure is sufficient and when does it become stifling to individuals and the group as a whole. As a general rule, I would offer as little structure as necessary. If the leader takes on too much responsibility for the group task, supporting members' emotional needs, it is likely that the group will remain dependent. On the other hand, if there is too little structure the members are likely to feel anxious, unclear of the group's purpose, and dissatisfied with the climate of the group. When the group is contained early on in a supportive, caring, and successful experience members will likely be able to tolerate the conflicts, personal disclosures, strong attachments, and ending of the experience.

Group structure, verbal interaction, and emotional cohesion are empirically supported treatment factors bearing on group treatment and the therapeutic relationship (Burlingame, Fuhriman, & Johnson, 2001). I encourage leaders to examine their theoretical model and

Degree of Structure in Group Format

identify how the structure influences desired group outcomes. Each of the models have indications and contraindications regarding the type of structure to impose on member selection, group size, composition, and group processes.


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Chapter 39

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