Conclusion And Contraindications

As mentioned, this game can be played with just about any group. It is a fun group exercise that brings the group together in a common task.

The group leader needs to be cognizant of the possibility that there might be one member of a group who is so seriously impaired, either cognitively or, have hearing problems, that he or she may not be able to follow the instructions. If that is the case, that person might become the focus of other group members' negative attention. In any event, it is probably best to offer group members the option of observing if they are uncomfortable participating actively for any reason.

The leader of this activity is in a more directive role than are most group therapists. Keep in mind that group members will experience you differently when you move into the role of activity facilitator. Although they may have feelings about this, their central experience is likely to be one of collective enjoyment.


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