Conclusion And Contraindications

Group members often speak for the entire group. In the case of this group, the leader was in tune with one group member's humming. Rather than view this as a resistance to the work of the group, the group leader enhanced the volume of the humming, believing that this group member was deeply in touch with a very meaningful and underexamined aspect of each group members' life, namely, missing their country of origin and their strong religious faith.

The contraindication to this type of intervention would be if a member, when asked to amplify his or her "words and music" felt shamed by the leader in this intervention. By listening to both how the member as well as the group responded to the leader's encouragement of the amplification of the humming indicated that indeed the group member was speaking for the group with the song, and that the group leader was in tune with this process.

When we listen to the words and music of each group member, and attempt to find meaning in it, the group will benefit tremendously, as was the case for the members in this "Spanish Communication Group."

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