Conclusion And Contraindication

This extraordinary group had taken me in and allowed me to share with them their grief in the place where their mourning took place. The members felt a greater connection to me; the leader, and the cohesion of the group became even more intensified. The group members felt well understood and accepted by the leader, who never judged how they mourned or the timing of their grieving process.

The contraindication in this intervention was in relation to me-the leader. In my decision to extend the physical boundaries of the group, I, however, felt a sense of shame about this choice to stretch the boundaries and meet in the pub. Yet when I discuss this scenario with distinguished colleagues across the country, the response has always been a resounding, "you did the right thing by holding the group in the pub," and that the group members would have been more wounded and felt more misunderstood had I rigidly stated the group boundaries. Boundaries, as Cecil Rice shared at an EGPS workshop in 2005, "had to breathe, otherwise under duress they became [sic] like chunks of hardened debris blocking therapy or in the words of my history, they became like clanging symbols, 'bereft of love'." So, too, were my feelings about the intervention of holding the anniversary group at Joe's Pub.


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