Conclusion And Contraindica Tion

Therapeutic neutrality has often been defined by what it is not. One of these negative definitions is that neutrality "is not giving advice

(Alonso & Rutan, 1996)." In a therapy group, although the group leader might not offer advice, it is difficult to prevent group members from doing so. Typically, a group member gives advice when the member offering advice resonates with the struggles of the member to whom the advice is offered. Using this intervention requires consideration of the group members' difficulties and historical issues. Although there are no specific contraindications, an indiscriminate application of the advice giving intervention can amount to group members experiencing the group therapist as being disingenuous. If the leader's assessment is that there is a mirroring of issues, the intervention described can open a dialog of rich exploration.


Alonso, A. & Rutan, J.S. (1996). Activity/Nonactivity and the Group Therapist: "Don't Just Do Something, Sit There." Group, 20, 43-55.

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