Clients Responses To The Intervention

Following the traumatic intrusion into the group room, a state of chaos prevailed initially with a very high level of arousal amongst the group members. This was especially prevalent with the dissociative man in particular as being undecided whether to "fight" or "take flight." Although verbally "holding" the dissociative man, the group members began to calm down once a decision was made to move them all to the safe space of the kitchen down the corridor. They began to feel safe and relieved by the added structure and containment.

The dissociative patient managed to stay with the group. His level of anxiety was an excellent mirror of the group members' anxiety. Managing the anxiety level of this man and the anxiety of the group members was paramount. It also instilled a higher level of trust of the patients toward the therapist who was seen to be like an officer and able to cope with the unexpected in the "battlefield" and lead them to safety.

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