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This set of interventions can increase awareness of embodied feeling states and provide a verbal bridge to express those feelings. This is integrative at a brain-body level, while providing a buffering for the directness of the encounter through the use of produced images. Usually group members feel supported in this activity by witnessing others' work and being witnessed in return. It then becomes possible to assist the group to a more affectively genuine state within the session.

A variation of this intervention can then be used later in the group to encourage more direct encounters with one another. For example, if the group seems unwilling to tackle a conflict within the group, it could be asked to "portray what you think is going on in the group right now" on the inside of the paper, and on the outside to "portray how you would prefer to be seen or experienced at this moment in the group." After a few sessions in which art is used to support these observational and self-reflective skills, the group should be able to speak more directly to the questions.

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