Clients Experiences And Conclusion

This is a technique that increases for clients their ranges of expression and brings non-linear problem solving to the group. By approaching client issues in story or metaphor form, it suggests and encourages "out-of-the-box" solutions. It also has the great advantage of being somewhat transcultural.

There are at least two contraindications. First, the group must have sufficient ego strength to be able to handle the level of abstraction and not to be threatened by such a nonlinear intervention. The stories must be appropriate to the group's level of functioning and are best if they are either true or well-known fables or tales or in the pop culture, (i.e., Aesop's Fables, Star Wars, Harry Potter, childrens' stories).

Second, the leader must be able to trust her/his unconscious processing and be willing to share it in metaphor or story form. She or he must also be willing to appear less linear to group members.


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