Checklist For Starting A Group

The literature is ripe with information about how to conduct group psychotherapy. There are many approaches to this work and the interested reader has many choices for basic instruction of how to do this work (Berg, Landreth, & Fall, 2006; Bernard & MacKenzie, 1994; Fehr, 2003; Price, Hescheles, & Price 1999; Rutan & Stone, 1993; Trotzer, 2006). This intervention uses a checklist as a tool to determine if you are ready to have the first meeting of your new group. So often, therapy groups do not thrive and the literature is clear in describing a series of specific steps that are necessary to ensure that the group is ready to start. This intervention is for the leader(s) and is designed to assist them in determining if they have addressed the nine basic steps necessary for the initiation of a successful group.

The 10 Keys To Happiness

The 10 Keys To Happiness

Simple Ways to Be Happy and Enjoy Your Life Regardless of Circumstances. Happiness is the underlying foundation that influences the quality of life. Have you ever seen someone who lives in a small house and has an older car? They may not be rich in terms of material things, but they are beyond rich in their happiness.

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