Checklist For Starting A Group

_Clear statement of purpose for the group must include goals, objectives, membership criteria, time frame, and fee structure if appropriate.

_Well-reasoned plan for location, schedule, and clinical operations necessary to initiate the group. _Distribution of a written announcement addressed to both referring colleagues and potential group members. _Active development of referrals through presentations, outreach, discussion, posting of flyers, and direct solicitation.

_Discussion of prospective cases with colleagues to evaluate the goodness of fit for membership in the group.

_Scheduling of consultation session with prospective members to personally evaluate their readiness and to prepare them for their experience in the group. _Orientation to group membership includes discussion of:

1. When the group will meet and start.

2. What to expect in the first meeting and those that follow.

3. Regular attendance.

4. Confidentiality.

5. Resolution of differences between members and leaders.

6. Acknowledgment all contacts with members outside the group.

7. Clear description of fees if appropriate.

_Contact group members weekly to remind them of when and where the group will initiate as you are preparing the intervention.

_Initiate the first session with a review of the rules and some suggestions as to how the new group members can best start talking with one another productively.


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