Naughty or Nice A Technique for Exploring

the Mischievous in Us 487

Lise Motherwell

Thoughts on Play and Naughtiness 487

Description of Group 487

Description of Intervention 488

Typical Responses 489

Conclusion and Contraindication 489

Chapter 91. Look at How I Feel: Art-Assisted

Affect Expression 491

Carol Lark

The Emotionally Disconnected Group 491

Guidelines for Intervention 492

Clients' Responses 494

Contraindications 494

Chapter 92. Stress Reduction for Students in Elementary and Middle School 497

Roberta L. Slavin

Loss of Morale and Motivation 497

Description of Group Population 498

Interventions 498

Conclusion and Contraindications 500

Chapter 93. A Chair Is Not a Chair Is Not a Chair 503

Joseph Shay

Theoretical Considerations 503

Description of the Groups 505

The Intervention 506

Typical Responses 506

Conclusion and Contraindications 506

Chapter 94. Nurturing the Community Development

Dimension in Groups As a Preemptive Intervention 509

Avraham Cohen

Creating the Containment Field for Groups 509

Description of Group and Client Population 510

Description of Intervention 510

Typical Response to the Intervention 512

Contraindications 512

Conclusion 512

Chapter 95. Humor As a Defense Mechanism in War Veterans 515

Vivien Henderson

Self-Humor and Gallows Humor 515

Description of the Group 515

The Intervention 516

Typical Responses to the Intervention 517

Conclusion and Contraindications 517

Chapter 96. Trauma Therapy As a Community

Enterprise 519

Norman Claringbull

The Most Traumatized Are the Victims of Minor Events 519

Description of the Client Population 520

The Interventions 520

A Redefining Conclusion 523

Contraindications 524

Chapter 97. Trouble to Resource 527

Miriam losupovici

Recognizing Dualities and Resilience 527

Population 528

Intervention: Four Pathways 528

Contraindications 530

Chapter 98. Dealing with Anger in Two Different Phases of Group Development 533

Michael P. Frank

Encourage a Win/Win Outcome 533

Description of Group and Client Population 533

Early in the Group's Life 534

Description of Intervention 535

Typical Response 536

Later in the Group's Life: The Working Phase Description of Interventions Conclusion and Contraindication

Stress And Students

Stress And Students

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