Changing Chairs Experiential Exercise for Exploration of Interpersonal

Boundaries 467

Patricia Kyle Dennis

Whose Chair Is This? 467

Description of the Group 468

The Intervention 468

Intervention Responses 470

Conclusion and Contraindication 470

Chapter 87. Surfing an Unexpected Group's Tide 473

Uri Amit

Dispel a Belief 473

Sex Offender Client Population 473

Intervention 474

Responses 475

Conclusion and Contraindication 475

Chapter 88. Mindfulness in Group Psychotherapy 477

Mark A. Cohen David Cantor

A Mindful Individual 477

Short- and Long-Term Group Populations 478

Guidelines for Intervention 479

Client Responses 480

Contraindication 481

Chapter 89. "Zoom" 483

Barney Straus

A Quick Way to Get a Group Playing Together 483

Client Population 483

Guidelines for Intervention 484

Client Responses 485

Conclusion and Contraindications 485

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