Directed Eye Contact Nonverbal

Communication 449

Shari Baron

Nonverbal Communication 449

Client Population 450

Guidelines for Intervention 450

Typical Responses to This Intervention 451

Conclusion and Contraindication 452

Chapter 83. "Remember Be Here Now" 453

Ellen J. Fehr Gary L. Sandelier

Immediacy: Here and Now—Being in the Moment 453

Client Population and Types of Groups 454

Interventional Goal and Technique 454

Clients' Responses 455

Conclusion and Contraindications 456

Chapter 84. Highs and Lows: Expressing Gratitude or Grief in Group 459

Arnold W. Hammari

Name One Thing 459

Client Population 459

Guidelines for Intervention 460

Typical Responses 460

Conclusion 460

Contraindications 461

Chapter 85. En Mi Viejo San Juan

(In My Old San Juan) 463

Richard Beck

At What Level Do We Intervene? 463

Inner-City Day Treatment Population 463

The Intervention: "Hum Louder" 464

Response to the Intervention 465

Conclusion and Contraindications 465

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The 10 Keys To Happiness

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