Preparing Members to Fully Participate

in Group Therapy 403

Rebecca MacNair-Semands

Creating Norms for Group Members 403

Description of Psychotherapy Groups 404

A Pre-Group Intervention 404

Anxiety About the Unknown 407

Contraindications 407

Chapter 75. What to Do When the Group

Is Falling Apart 409

Steven L. Van Wagoner

The Importance of Resistance 409

The Group in Crisis 409

The Intervention 410

The Group's Response 412

Conclusions and Contraindications 412

Chapter 76. A Difficult Session 415

Marvin Kaphan

Inclusion 415

Group Descriptions and Inclusion 415

The Interventions 416

Typical Responses 418

Conclusion and Contraindications 418

Chapter 77. The Nine Basic Steps for a Successful Group 421

Joshua M. Gross

Checklist for Starting a Group 421

Description 421

Checklist for Starting a Group 422

Chapter 78. An Effective Precipice Toward Recovery 425

T. Wing Lo

The Gambling Table 425

Client Population 425

Guidelines for the Intervention 426

Client Responses 428

Conclusion and Contraindications 428

Chapter 79. Inoculation Training for Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders 431

Justin A. D 'Arienzo

Stress Inoculation Training (SIT) 431

Client Population 432

Intervention Guidelines 432

Client Responses 434

Conclusion and Contraindications 435

Chapter 80. Using Metaphors and Stories to Resolve

Impasses and Bridge Resistance 437

Jerrold Lee Shapiro

An Intervention for Eliciting Greater Emotional Depth and Creative Problem Solving 437

Description of Population 438

Description of Intervention 438

Clients' Experiences and Conclusion 441

Chapter 81. Using Humor to Advance

Group Work 443

Dave M. Cooperberg

Humor in Theory 443

Clients 444

The Intervention 444

Typical Responses to the Intervention 446

Conclusion 446

Contraindications 447

Anxiety and Depression 101

Anxiety and Depression 101

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