Awakening Social Consciousness

Chad V. Johnson

Integrating Social Justice into Group Therapy 375

An Oppressed Client Population 376

A 10-Step Intervention 376

Client Responses 378

Contraindications 379

Chapter 71. The Empty Chair As a Tool to Promote Self-Awareness and Interaction in Groups 381

Thomas A. Glass

The Hot Seat 381

Applicability to a Variety of Clients 382

Guidelines for the Interaction 382 Typical Responses: Reconciliation of Contradictory

Aspects 384

Conclusions and Contraindications 384

Chapter 72. A Spiritually Informed Approach for the Group Leader 387

Robert L. Weber

The Spiritual Dimension 387

Long-Term Open-Ended Groups 387 A Five-Step Intervention for Eliciting Spiritual Awareness in the Group Leader 388

Clients' Responses to the Intervention 391

Conclusion and Contraindications 391

Chapter 73. Integrating Cognitive Behavioral with Psychodramatic Theory and Techniques 395

Thomas Treadwell V.K. Kumar Joseph H. Wright

Client/Patient Population 396

Guidelines and Intervention for a Group Cognitive

Behavioral Therapy (GCBT) Psychodrama 396

Applying CBT Interventions and Techniques to Psychodrama 397

Client/Patient Responses



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