Trauma Therapy An Integrative Approach 345

Norman Claringbull

Life-Threatening Traumatic Situations 345

Descriptions of the Client Population 346

The Interventions 346

Conclusion and Contraindications 350

Chapter 66. Creative Use of the Group Contract in Long-Term Psychotherapy Groups 353

Melissa Black

The Group Contract 353

A Psychodynamic or Insight-Oriented Population 354

The Intervention 354

The Responses 356

Conclusion and Contraindications 357

Chapter 67. "After the Group Has Ended":

Imagery to Vivify Termination 359

Miriam losupovici

Ending Ritual 359

Population and Conditions 360

A Guided-Imagery Intervention 360

Conclusion and Contraindication 362

Chapter 68. An Angry Outburst: Responding to Aggression 365

Robert A. Berley

Introduction 365

The Event 366

Components of the Intervention 367

Conclusion and Important Contraindications 369

Chapter 69. Painting Verbal Images 371

Mary Jago Krueger

Using Figurative Language As a Tool in Group Therapy 371

General Client Population 371

Timing and Samples of Interventions 372

Contraindications 373

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