Symbolic Meaning of Money

in Group Therapy 323

Gregorio Armananzas Ros

The Meaning of Money 323

Patient Population: Who Is Responsible for the Bill? 324

The Intervention 324

Conclusion and Contraindications 327

Chapter 62. Visualizing Connections and Disconnections:

A Social Diagram of the Group 329

Carol Lark

The Motivational Fabric 329

The Group 330

Guidelines for Intervention 330

The Clients Respond 333

Contraindications 333

Chapter 63. Unexpected Consequences: Maintaining the Boundaries in a Therapy Group for Older Adults 335

George Max Saiger

Outside Contact in a Geriatric

Psychiatry Group 335

Members Must Be Over Sixty-Five Years of Age 335

Case History 336

Conclusion and Contraindication 337

Chapter 64. Shape: A Kinesthetic Approach to Building Healthy Boundaries 339

Danielle L. Fraenkel

A Relationship to One's Body 339

Unlimited Patient Population Profiles 340

A Kinesthetic Intervention 340

Clients' Responses to the Intervention 342

Conclusion and Contraindications 342

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