Building Self Esteem Using Assertiveness

Training and Props 303

Sheila Sazant

Equality in Human Relations 303

Intervention: Attention! Attention! Now Hear This! 304

This Client's Response to the Intervention 305

Conclusion and Contraindications 305

Chapter 58. Horseback Riding Workshop for Increasing

Self-Awareness 307

Tal-Li Cohen

The Horse As a Powerful Therapeutic Modality 307

The Professionals and the Group Participants 308

First Stage: Familiarization 309 Second Stage: Developing an Interpersonal Relationship with the Horse 309

Third Stage: The Middle Phase of Group Processes 310

Fourth Stage: Termination 311

Participant Responses to the Intervention 311

Conclusion and Contraindications 311

Chapter 59. Leaving the Room for the Sake of Connecting 313

Uri Amit

Alone in a Physical World 313

Sex Offender Client Population 313

Description of Intervention 313

The Intervention 314

Response to the Intervention 314

Conclusion and Contraindication 315

Chapter 60. Poetry As a Projective Technique and Springboard for Dialogue in Group Therapy 317

Scott Simon Fehr

The Language of Emotion 317

Process Oriented Groups 318

Guidelines for Intervention 318

Instructions for Administration and Dialogue 319

Client Responses Contraindications

320 320

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