Transitional Exercise from the Didactic

to the Experiential in a Group Therapy Class 281

Daniel S. Schoenwald

Introduction 281

A Graduate Student Population 281

Description of Intervention 282

Typical Responses to the Intervention 283

Conclusion 284

Contraindication 284

Chapter 54. What and Who Belong in the Group?

Managing Early Crises 287

David Glyn

A Group Develops 287

A University Setting 288

A Simple Intervention 289

Conclusion 290

Contraindications 291

Chapter 55. Alchemy and Transformation: The Disturber in Group 293

Avraham Cohen

Expose the Gold 293

An Educational or Psychotherapy Group 294

Description of Intervention 294

Typical Response to the Intervention 296

Contraindications 297

Conclusion 297

Chapter 56. Family Member Association 299

Carol Scott Drury

The Polite and the Not So Polite 299

Client Population 299

Guidelines for the Intervention 300

Typical Responses 300

Conclusion 301

Contraindication 301

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