Modeling a Nondefensive and Empathie Acceptance of Group Resistance in a School Based Anger

Management Group with Urban Adolescents 237

Ellen Decker

"Other People's Children" 237

Goals of the Group and Group Composition 237

Group Design 238

The Intervention 238

Conclusion 240

Contraindications 241

Chapter 46. Saying Goodbye: A Termination Ritual 243

Jondra Pennington

Connectedness 243

Client Population 243

Description of the Intervention 244

Variations on a Theme 245

Client Responses 246

Contraindications 246

Chapter 47. Norm Repair 249

Joseph Shay

Theoretical Orientation 249

Description of Groups 250

The Intervention 250

Typical Responses 252

Conclusion 252

Contraindication 253

Chapter 48. Using the Group Power for Interpretation 255

Dan Raviv

A Personal Style of Intervention 255

Client Population 256

Intervention Guidelines 256

Clients' Responses to the Intervention Conclusion and Contraindications

258 258

Chapter 49. The Values Auction 259

John Mendez

Violating a Core Value 259

Description of the Groups 259

The Interventions 260

Typical Responses 261

Conclusion and Contraindications 261

Chapter 50. Individual Psychotherapy in the Context of a Group: An Intervention 263

Joan Childs

Introduction 263

Group Description 264

Presented Issue 264

The Intervention 265

Responses to the Intervention 266

Conclusion 266

Contraindications 267

Chapter 51. The Rope Exercise to Experience Process in the Group 269

Edward W.C. McAllister

Experiencing the Various Stages of Group 269

Description of the Groups 270

Guidelines for the Intervention 270

Responses to the Intervention 273

Contraindications 273

Chapter 52. Let's Talk 275

Susan J. Mendelsohn

Effective Communication 275

The Group 275

Description of Intervention 276

Typical Response to the Intervention 278

Contraindications 279

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