Diminishing Dissociative Experiences

for War Veterans in Group Therapy 217

Vivien Henderson

Theory 217

Description of the Group 218

The Interventions 218

Clients' Responses to the Intervention 219

Conclusion and Contraindications 219

Chapter 42.1 Am Part of the Group Matrix 221

Ben Rippa

Theoretical Considerations 221

Description of Group and Client Population 222

Description of Interventions 222

Case Examples 223

Typical Response to the Intervention 224

Conclusions and Contraindications 224

Chapter 43. To Err Is Human: Turning Our Mistakes into Useful Interventions 227

Dave M. Cooperberg

Therapist As Human 227

Group Clients 228

The Intervention 228

Response to Intervention 230

Conclusion 230

Contraindications 231

Chapter 44. The Ability to Verbalize One's Needs Clearly in a Geriatric Population 233

Toby Berman

Introduction 233

Description of Group 233

Patient's Statements Elicit the Type of Intervention 234

Group Process 234

Conclusion Contraindications

235 235

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