Using Art Therapy Technique

in a Psychodynamic-Oriented Group 145

Haim Weinberg

Your Body-Yourself: Draw Your Body and Explore Your

Self-image 145

Conditions and Population 145

Description of the Intervention 146

Clients' Responses 148

Contraindications 149

Conclusion 149

Chapter 29. Advice Giving 151

Russell Hopfenberg

What Should I Do? 151

Patient Population 152

Intervention 153

Patients' Responses to the Intervention 153

Conclusion and Contraindication 153

Chapter 30. Bridging As a Tool to Avoid Scapegoating 155

Melissa Black

Intervention 156

Response to the Intervention 157

Possible Contraindications 158

Chapter 31. Installation of Hope in Bereavement Groups for the Elderly 159

Mark A. Cohen

The Profundity in a Word 159

The Loss of a Spouse 160

A Population Within an Ongoing Group 160

The Clients Respond 162

Contraindications 162

Chapter 32. The "I's" Have It! 165

Margaret M. Postlewaite

Heighten Awareness and Responsibility 165

Multiple Populations 165

The Intervention Corollary Intervention Contraindications and Recommendations

166 168 168

Chapter 33. Therapeutic Play Reading 171

Barney Straus

The Hidden Aspect of Oneself 171

A Literate Population 172

Intervention Dialogue and Implementation 172

Responses to Activity 174

Contraindications 174

Chapter 34. Women's Empowerment Group Using Art

Therapy 177

Tal Schwartz

An Emotional Journey 177

Group Description 177

Intervention 178

Typical Responses and Conclusion 180

Contraindications 181

Chapter 35. Utilizing the Group to Counter Negative Identifications in Patients Finding

Their Own Voice 183

David Cantor

The Unconscious Process of Identification 183

Description of Group and Patient Population 184

The Intervention 184

Typical Response to the Intervention 187

Conclusion and Contraindications 187

Chapter 36. Eliciting Self-Awareness via Existential

Fantasy Questions in a Half-Hour Group 189

Arnold W. Hammari

Hypothetical Situations 189

Population 189

Guidelines for Intervention and Existential Questions 190

Typical Responses 191

Conclusion Contraindications

192 192

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