Group As a Place to Practice New Behaviors 105

Myrna L. Frank

Introduction 105

Client Population 105

Intervention Guidelines 106

How This Works and Client Responses 106

Contraindications 108

Chapter 21. Counterresistance: Its Manifestation and Impact on Group Intervention and Management 111

Carla Penna

Counterresistance 111

Description of the Group and Client Population 112

Resistance and Counterresistance in the Group Setting 112

The Intervention 113

The Renovated Group 114

Conclusion and Counterindications 115

Chapter 22. Some Thoughts on Silence in Group Therapy 117

Bennett Roth

Silence in an Analytic Group Population 117

The Idea of Listening to Silence 118

Therapist Self-Intervention 119

Listening to Oneself in Group 120

Conclusion 121

Contraindication 121

Chapter 23. "When Boundaries Breathe" 123

Richard Beck

The Frame or Boundary 123

Population 123

"Will You Do This for Us?": The Intervention 124

Short Description of the Response to the Intervention 125

Conclusion and Contraindication 125

Chapter 24. You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks! 127

Ava J. Kotch

Geriatric Major Depression Group Population 128

Intervention 128

Conclusion 129

Contraindications 130

Chapter 25. The Fee Payment As an Aspect of Group

Communication 131

Patricia Kyle Dennis

Theoretical Rationale 131

Group Description 132

The Interventi on 132

Responses to Intervention 133

Conclusions and Contraindications 135

Chapter 26. "What Do You Mean I Should Tell Her What I Think About Her?" Psychoeducation About

Interpersonal Process 137

Anne M. Slocum McEneaney

A Teaching Tale 137

Slow-Open and Time-Limited Group Populations 138

A Psychoeducational Intervention Tale 138

Responses to the Interpersonal Exchange 139

Conclusion and Contraindications 139

Chapter 27. The Masks We Wear 141

Claudia P. Calabrese

Using the Concept of the Persona/Mask 141

An Adolescent Population 141

The Intervention 142

Client Responses 143

Contraindications 144

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