Bridging in Group Therapy Using Movement

Improvisation 83

Joan Wittig

Authentic Movement 83

Process Oriented Group Population 84

A Seven-Stage Intervention 84

Client Responses 85

Conclusion 86

Contraindications 86

Chapter 17. "What's So Funny?" The Group Leader's

Use of Humor in Adolescent Groups 87

Sean Grover

They Can Talk About Almost Anything 87

Am I a Hostage in This Group? 87

Intervention 88

Examples of the Intervention 88

Conclusion 90

Contraindications 91

Chapter 18. Using Grammar to Increase Immediacy and Affect 93

Martha Gilmore

Distancing from Emotions 93

The Group Members 93

The Intervention 94

Typical Responses 96

Conclusions and Contraindications 96

Chapter 19. Hardiness Enhancement: A Pathway to Resilience 99

Justin A. D'Arienzo

Hardiness As a Concept 99

U.S. Military Population 100

An Intervention of Eight Stages 100

Typical Response Contraindications and Conclusions

102 103

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