Expect the Unexpected An Intervention in a Psychodynamic Womens Group with Pregnant

Women 59

Maria van Noort

Introduction 59

Patient Population 59

The Situation Before the Intervention 60

Intervention 62

Clients' Responses to the Intervention 62

Conclusion and Contraindications 63

Chapter 13. Using Dreams in Group Therapy 65

Robi Friedman

Differentiating Between Dreaming and Dreamtelling and Three Ways to Approach Dreams 65

Description of Population 66

Description of Intervention 66

Conclusion 68

Contraindications 68

Chapter 14. A Ranking Task As an In-Vivo Experience of Negotiation Awareness in an Interpersonal Skills

Training Group 71

Haran Wernik

Introduction 71

Client Population ' 72

Guidelines for Intervention 72

Client Responses 74

Conclusion 75

Chapter 15. Interventions in Groups with Clients Sharing the Same Critical Fact 77

Cristina Martinez-Taboada Kutz Ainara Arnoso

When Social Regard Needs Adjustment 77

Clients 77

Intervention Description 78

A Three-Phase Intervention 79

Response of Clients to This Intervention Conclusion and Contraindication to This Intervention

80 80

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Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

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