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A session illustrating the transition from dependence to interpersonal relationships found the members focused on the competitive aspects of their relationships with one another. A discussion, which began with the remark "the kids are getting out of hand," was followed by a confrontation between two members in that one accused the other of bombarding her with unimportant stress issues. The argument accelerated and the tension continued to build. At that point other members spoke again about kids getting out of hand and wanting to throw chairs. I asked "what was making the group feel like 'out of hand' children?" The following issues were defined: My issues are as important as yours. We all have to recognize our anxiety. The members felt that even though the truth may hurt at first, honesty gave them a better perspective on important issues among themselves. Cohesion began to develop (Yalom, 1995).

Getting to Know Anxiety

Getting to Know Anxiety

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