Case Example

Conversations between people in group change once people understand the concept of shape. Paula and Rita belong to an open group that meets for six hours once a month. It does not have rules about socializing outside of this monthly meeting. After an intensely intimate interaction with Rita in group, Paula could not contain herself. She wanted to pursue the relationship and phoned Rita asking if they could get together. Rita turned her down. When Paula and Rita talked about their interaction at the next meeting, each woman referred to her shape. Paula said she had her shape when she called, and did not fall apart, even though she was disappointed when Rita turned down her invitation. Rita said that being in her shape had helped her say no. The group was thrilled. Everyone knew that Rita believed that hurting anyone's feelings was an anathema. In addition, it was Rita who suggested that they talk in group about whatever it was that Paula wanted to share. Paula told the group that she had been worrying about doing so, and that she had her shape. She was ready to talk about her attraction for Rita and her fear that it would upset her life as wife and mother.

Solid Confidence Affirmation

Solid Confidence Affirmation

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