Applicability To A Variety Of Clients

The empty-chair technique has broad applicability to a variety of clients and types of groups. It can be successfully implemented in personal growth groups, therapy groups, and training groups. It is probably best to introduce it after the group has developed some familiarity and a degree of trust, since identifying less accepted parts of self may require a measure of risk taking, self-disclosure, and a willingness to explore unfamiliar territory. The method assumes a willingness by participants to work on unfinished relationship issues, past or present, and to seek more authentic interactions with others. Also needed is a willingness to experience strong affect in the presence of others.

The 10 Keys To Happiness

The 10 Keys To Happiness

Simple Ways to Be Happy and Enjoy Your Life Regardless of Circumstances. Happiness is the underlying foundation that influences the quality of life. Have you ever seen someone who lives in a small house and has an older car? They may not be rich in terms of material things, but they are beyond rich in their happiness.

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