An Emotional Journey

Art therapy treatment is an "experience" emotional journey, which puts emphasis on the process of doing, as a path toward the final product. The use of an "experience" projective tool in women's groups stems from the view that the goal is attainment of a "final product," in which women will grow to a better place in their lives. A place of self-awareness, and high self-image (in order to study or work), involves focusing on the process and the journey in the world of emotions, unconsciousness, metaphors, and symbols (Jung, 1978).

The treatment is based on the artistic doing (activity), using creative materials, and also the ability of the therapist to lead the patient to self-dialogue.

Art is a nonverbal means of communication. Using art, the group members contact and exchange their emotional inner world with the rest of the group, without the necessary verbal intermediation as a potential space (Winnicott, 1995).

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