The group facilitator tells the group that today we will talk about core values. At this point, the group leader should be standing and writing the group members' answers on the board. Elicit a definition of what a core value is. The definition is agreed upon by consensus.

The facilitator then requests that the group members take five minutes to think about which values they hold most dearly. After the five minutes have elapsed the group leader will ask each group member to share his or her answers.

The facilitator needs to be skilled to elicit specific core values. For instance, if a group member gives the answer that family is a core value for them the group leader will ask for the details. An acceptable answer would be: Being trusted by my family is a core value. The group facilitator's task is to elicit and write the responses on the board. By the end of this part of the exercise there should be at least double the amount of core values as there are group members.

At this point the group members are provided with an imaginary $1,000 credit limit with which they will be able to bid on the values on the board. The group members are encouraged to outbid one another in increments of $100 in order to do the math. For instance, the core value of having a sense of integrity could be "bought" for $300. If John Smith buys this value his name is placed next to the core value along with the cost. John Smith would have $700 on his credit limit remaining. This process continues until all of the core values are bid on by the group members. The group facilitator can mimic the speech of an auctioneer and feel free to use the expression, "going once, going twice, going three times ... sold to Mr. Smith for $300."

Once all of the values have been bid on, the group facilitator questions each owner of the value on how his or her substance use has violated this core value. Enough time is allowed to process these answers among the group members. At this time the group facilitator should be seated as in a traditional process group. It is important for the

The Values Auction 261

group facilitator to provide support and encouragement to the group members as they begin to realize how their behaviors have violated their core values.

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