About the Editorxxxiii

Contributors xxxv

Foreword xlvii

J. Scott Rutan

Preface il

Chapter 1. Who Owes You an Apology? 1

Ellen J. Fehr Gary L. Sandelier

Unforgotten Hurt 1

The Appropriate Population 1

An Intervention of Dialogue 2

Surprising Client Responses 2

Conclusion 2

Contraindication 3

Chapter 2. The Group Therapist As Storyteller 5

Marvin Kaphan

Making Unconscious Ambivalence Conscious 5

Description of the Groups 6

The Interventions 6

Typical Responses 8

Conclusion and Contraindications 9

Chapter 3. Using Primary Language to Access Primary

Affect 11

Jerrold Lee Shapiro

Back to Roots: An Intervention for Eliciting Greater Emotional Depth 11

Description of Population 11

A Five-Step Intervention Conclusion

12 13

Chapter 4. How Can You Not See My Pain? 15

Steven L. Van Wagoner

Working with Hidden Fragility in Group Members 15

Population and Problem 16

Intervention and Group Response 17

Conclusion and Contraindications 18

Chapter 5. Animal-Assisted Therapy with a Group of Young Children with Social Problems 21

Stanley Schneider Chana Schneider

Introduction 21

Client Population 22

Therapists 22

Description of Intervention 22

Client Responses 24

Contraindications 24

Chapter 6. "Am I My Mother's Daughter?" Eliciting Self-Awareness in the Transmission of Gender

Roles Through Family Role Models 27

Ley la Navaro

Influence of the Family Role Model 27

Group Participants 27

Intervention Description 28

Participant Responses 29

Conclusion and Contraindication 30

Chapter 7. Living with Dying: How to Keep the Group

Alive When the Members Are Dying 33

Toby Ellen Newman

Introduction 33

Description of Group and Client Population 33

The Four-Stage Intervention 34

Patient Responses to Intervention 35

Conclusion Contraindications

Chapter 8. The Gambling Chair 39

T. Wing Lo

Introduction 39

Client Population 39

Guidelines for the Intervention 40

Client Responses 42

Conclusion and Contraindication 42

Chapter 9. Bringing a New Member into Group:

Marking a New Place in the Cycle 45

Joshua M. Gross

Regression As a Normal Group Process 45

Population 46

Significant or Negative Intervention 46

Effective or Contraindicated 48

Chapter 10. The Crystal and the Stone: Use of Transitional

Objects in Groups 49

Shari Baron

The Transitional Object 49

Client Population 50

Guidelines for Intervention 50

Typical Responses to This Intervention 51

Conclusions and Contraindications 51

Chapter 11. The Vicissitudes of Power and Its Relationship to Money 53

Lise Motherwell

Money Can Represent Power, Love, Freedom, or Security 53

Description of Group 53

Description of Intervention 54

Typical Responses 56

Conclusion and Contraindication 57

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