Teaching Tale

Although the interpersonal learning that can result from psycho-dynamic psychotherapy groups has been shown by both patients and therapists as among the most significant benefits they derive from group treatment (Yalom, 1995), many patients present for a group screening without having a clear understanding of how this learning will take place. Once it has been explained that this occurs by sharing one's own experience of being in the group, including one's impressions of and reactions to others, and by being as open as possible to hearing others' impressions of and reactions to themselves, most patients are intrigued, but wary. Many, even if interested in this idea, are unclear how being open might impact on themselves or others, and how exactly this would translate into learning something new about oneself that might change future behavior and the quality of one's relationships. This intervention provides an example of a "teaching tale" that can be used to illustrate an incident of conflict, which led to interpersonal learning and growth for both primary participants and for other group members. It is useful to educate patients about interpersonal process, to demystify group psychotherapy (Rutan & Stone, 1993), and to serve as a model of growth-producing group behavior.

Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

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