Quick Way To Get A Group Playing Together

"Zoom" is a word passing game described by Le Fevre (2002). Its key asset is that it quickly engages all group members in a common task. It is useful in uniting groups of people who may have trouble connecting with one another. It can also help subgroups experience themselves as having a common purpose. The game can be used effectively with almost any group, as it is easy to play and non-threatening. It is often used toward the beginning of a group's development, or as an ice breaker for a training event.

Essentially, "Zoom" is played by group members. They pass the word "zoom" around a circle in various patterns. The game can be played with increasing complexity and variations. The primary function of the game is to foster a sense of spontaneity and fun within the group. Furthermore, the game can be used as a way to explore dynamics occurring among group members (Gass, 1993).

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