Personal Style Of Intervention

There are many approaches to the art of conducting group therapy (Fehr, 2003). However, interventions by the therapist are used in most of those approaches and are among the most important tools used for affecting change. Over the years I have attempted to use various approaches which probably reflected the way I perceived the world at different periods in my life. Over time I have found myself settling into a more consistent, eclectic approach that seems to express my comfort zone at the present time. Therapists need to find the style of intervention that suits them and are appropriate to the situation in the group at the time they make the intervention (Yalom & Leszcz, 2005; Caligor, Fieldsteel & Brok, 1984). Interventions while conducting group therapy, are very important moments in the process and when done correctly and appropriately, can create the impact that can change a person's life. The most powerful interventions that seem to typically affect group members are the interventions that draw insight from the here-and-now, group-as-a-whole experience in the room (Agazarian, 1989). Those interventions seem to cut through resistance because they are experienced in a very authentic way when the timing is just right.


This type of intervention tends to be effective with clients who possess average and above-average cognition capabilities since it requires some abstract thinking. Clients who tend to be concrete in their perception of the world may become too defensive as they may perceive the intervention as an attack or may not be able to see a connection between their issues and the issues of other group members.

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