Group Develops

The group psychotherapist's interventions reflect her or his assumptions about how a group may best develop a therapeutic process. Often, the therapist's ideas about this are different from those of other group members. Early interventions may be directed toward providing group members with opportunities to discover what sort of group the therapist has in mind.

In the early phases of a group's life, everyone is trying to discover how things work, and will work, around here. Inevitably, for some, this is a period of great anxiety and there will be all sorts of challenges and tests to be negotiated during the formation of a working group culture. Such challenges do not generally declare themselves as such, but the group psychotherapist will recognize that they are occurring because she or he will experience pressure.

One way in which the therapist may notice this pressure is when the belief forms that a particular individual's problems cannot be managed by the group. Often, it is the therapist's own belief in the capacity of the group to both contain conflict and to maintain a reflective attitude that is being tested. How the therapist then intervenes will have a significant impact on the future course of group development.

Free Yourself from Panic Attacks

Free Yourself from Panic Attacks

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