Gastrointestinal nursing what this text adds

This introduction will help you to understand the purpose of this book and how to get the best out of it. It is written for a wide range of nurses: at one end of the spectrum for nurses who may have an interest in entering gastroentero-logy as a speciality, and at the other end for nurses working in the speciality who may wish to develop further into one of many roles such as nurse endoscopist, nurse practitioner or nurse consultant. These roles are developing in the UK at the time of writing and there has been a great demand for such a book to ensure at least a common level of knowledge in this area of work, for which many nurses will have had no special education or training.

From our experience as nurse educators we know that many nurses at pre-registration level, whether on diploma or degree programmes, struggle with the subjects of anatomy and physiology. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that nursing students may enter university with a very poor background in the life sciences. However, we also acknowledge our failings as teachers. In addition, there will be many nurses working in gastroenterology who have never been exposed to the appropriate level of teaching in the life sciences because they trained prior to the nursing educational reforms of the 1990s.

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