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The Garage Sale Toolkit

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The Garage Sale Toolkit Summary

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Biotechnology and the Environment

On the grand scale, however, there is no such thing as waste in nature. Discarded molecules are shunted from rocks and soil to plants and animals to air and water and back again, largely through the efforts of microbes. Unseen and unsung, these original recyclers have been neglected until recently by all but academics. With the development of environmental biotechnology in the 1980s, researchers began to look to nature for lessons in how to clean up pollution, monitor environmental health, and produce energy and materials in less destructive ways.

Explanationbased Views Of Concepts

Initially, in this chapter, we introduced three guiding constraints for conceptual systems informativeness, economy, and coherence. In attribute-based theories, concepts cohere because members of a category have similar attributes. However, there are concepts that have little similarity between their attributes. We have already seen how Barsalou's (1983) ad hoc categories upset this view of coherence (e.g., the category of things-to-sell-in-a-garage-sale). As mentioned earlier, Murphy and Medin (1985) point out that in the Bible, the dietary rules associated with the abominations of Leviticus produce the categories of clean and unclean animals. What is it that makes camels, ostriches, crocodiles, mice, sharks, and eels unclean, and gazelles, frogs, most fish, grasshoppers, and some locusts clean Murphy and Medin argued that it was not the similarity of members of the concepts that determined the conceptual distinction but some theory or explanatory framework. The concept of clean and...

Measurements of Nanoparticle Exposures in New Nanotechnology Processes

Were considered to be due to particle release from the vacuum cleaner motor or to releases of small nanotube clusters from the vacuum cleaner used to clean up the powder. The personal air samples gave dust concentrations of between 0.7 and 53 mg m 3, but small numbers of large clumps of material were found on the filters that would have dominated the mass measurement, as the samplers were not equipped with particle pre-selectors.

Transport of pollutants in groundwater

In the past, however, there has been much careless and thoughtless pollution of groundwater. On Long Island, New York, for example, over 50 per cent of the water supply wells have had to be closed, primarily because of pollution by salt applied to de-ice roads in winter. Close to the ocean, over-pumping of wells can lead to salt-water intrusion into fresh water aquifers. The application of agricultural fertilisers to fields in recharge areas can also lead to groundwater exceeding limits for drinking water supply of nitrates. There are also sites polluted by chemical spills and industrial wastes. In the USA, a program of clean-up at over 1000 'Superfund' sites was launched in 1980, following the Love Canal, Niagara, disaster when a school and new houses were built on top of a contaminated infill site. Many of these sites involved soil and groundwater contamination. Some 9bn has been spent, without a great deal of success, though some sites have been delisted. The lessons learned from...

Assessment Procedures for the Parenting Study

For the Parenting Study, videotaped mother-child observations were gathered during the same visit in the home by one of a two-person research visiting team. The protocol was approved by the Institutional Review Board of the teaching hospital where the study took place, and was administered in either English or Spanish it lasted about 2 hours with a break in between. Male partner presence in the home was low (11 ). The mother-child interaction videotapes, collected in the middle of the home visit, included four segments a 10-minute segment of free play between child and mother, a 3-minute child separation episode, a 3-minute reunion episode, and a toy cleaning-up task lasting 5 minutes (or until the child finished). At the end of the 16-minutes of videotaping, while mother and child were together on the floor, the interviewer made the following request of the mother Please have (child's name) put the toys away in a basket. The observational mother-child interaction measure of the...

Discussion Risk Assessment of Engineered NPs

The physico-chemical form of the NPs dispersed, adsorbed to other substrate, aggregated or taken up by cells.77 For example, C60 (fullerene) is a hydrophobic nanomaterial, but it can form an aqueous suspended stable colloidal species in water.78 On the other hand, in water elementary carbon particles or nanotubes show a tendency to aggregate.79 The mobility of NPs in aqueous environments is a function of particle transport, transformation and removal mechanism.80 Fluid flow, gravity and diffusion are the primary mechanisms for transport. Ionic strength and pH may be relevant parameters that affect the NP mobility in water. Initial studies of environmental nanotechnologies indicate that iron NPs, used for cleaning up contaminated soil and groundwater, can travel with groundwater over a distance of 20 metres and remain reactive for 4-8 weeks.48 Nanoparticle surface properties (such as large surface area per unit mass, crystalline structure, anionic surface functional groups) make them...

When do I look for a nursing home

No one wants to go to a convalescent or nursing home, and no one wants to send his or her partner or parent to one. But there comes a time when it is impossible to lift and turn a PD patient, impossible to bathe or clean up after him or her, impossible to get a good night's sleep to prepare to do it all over again for another day, and even more impossible to care for him or her if the patient has developed dementia. Everyone has heard the horror stories about nursing home care, but living at home without proper care is a horror story, too. In a convalescent home, there are strong people to help bathe the patient, hot food and help to feed the patient, people to get the patient up out of bed and clean up behind him her, and even social activities. And the care is given 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So the decision to place a parent or partner in a nursing home must be seen as an opportunity to provide better care for the patient, to make his or her life a bit more comfortable.

Zero Tolerance Standard for E coli O157H7

The PR HACCP rule requires USDA-inspected establishments to implement controls over critical operations to reduce risks from hazards deemed likely to occur through the hazard analysis process in 2002 a FSIS notice stated that at any level whatsoever, E. coli O157 H7 is a hazard reasonably likely to occur. This exemplifies the problem that although FSIS expects processors to determine the likelihood of a hazard to occur, FSIS also will dictate, based on their assumptions and beliefs, when and where it believes a hazard is reasonably likely to occur regardless of a processor's hazard analysis. According to FSIS, this is the case for E. coli O157 H7 in beef raw materials destined for raw, comminuted beef regardless of the prevalence of the organism in the raw materials. Additionally, a subsequent publication by FSIS in May 2005 made it clear that clean-up to clean-up'' is no longer an adequate basis for lot definition if testing of the raw materials is not conducted in a manner that...

Kelly C Berg and Carol B Peterson

I am a nurse manager at a local hospital, am married, and have two adolescent boys, ages 13 and 17. I'm seeking treatment for binge eating (BE), which occurs several times a week. As a child I would sneak food from my family's kitchen and hoard it in my bedroom. I would come home from school and binge in my room by myself. In typical episodes I would eat half a bag of brown sugar or a box of cookies. My BE has fluctuated in severity since childhood, with the worst periods occurring during college, my late twenties, and currently. My binge episodes usually occur in the evenings after dinner, when alone in the kitchen cleaning up and watching Tv. In a typical BE episode I eat two pints of ice cream or 30 to 50 snack crackers and experience a sense of loss of control, particularly a feeling of being unable to resist eating the food that I know is in the kitchen. I have struggled with being overweight since adolescence and have made multiple attempts at weight loss, including structured...

Who uses stimulants and Why they Do it

More law enforcement agencies are recognizing meth as their biggest drug threat. They say it is a bigger problem than cocaine and heroin. The National Drug Threat Survey has shown that methamphetamine-related crimes have risen. Also, in many parts of the country, more people are being arrested for making or selling meth. More people also are being treated for meth addiction. The costs related to cleaning up meth labs went from 2 million in 1995 to 16.2 million in 2003.

Case Conceptualization

A representative chain analysis of events surrounding C. N.'s self-injury is as follows Her mother made a demand with which C. N. did not want to comply and about which she then felt guilty. She then argued with her boyfriend, while he was drunk, about his failure to meet her needs and about his alcohol use. Because her boyfriend did not exhibit any reaction, C. N. first felt hurt, unacknowledged, and powerless, then intense rage. She was physically violent toward her boyfriend (punching his face, slamming his head into the ground, kicking him, purposely breaking his eyeglasses), and he did not fight back. She then felt intense guilt and told herself that she was just like her physically abusive mother. C. N. then took sedatives to escape her feelings of guilt. As a consequence, she then stayed in bed and missed several days of work due to fatigue and depression associated with drug use. Another consequence was that her boyfriend then spent time with her cleaning up and repairing...

The truth about low carbohydrate diets

Many low carbohydrate programs are based on the assumption that all people are carbohydrate sensitive or resistant to insulin. My research and experience has proven the opposite - that most people will lose fat simply by lifting weights, doing cardio, eating less than they burn and cleaning up their diets. In other words, low carbohydrate diets should be looked at as last resort diets or peaking diets for special events such as bodybuilding, fitness competition or photo shoots. A low carbohydrate diet is not for year round maintenance. It's a temporary tool for reaching peak condition.

Very low carbohydrate high fat high protein

Most people will lose fat simply by adding a regular exercise routine to their schedule and by cleaning up their diets. A clean diet means you've mastered all the nutritional basics like eating small frequent meals, controlling portion sizes, cutting down on saturated fats, avoiding sugar, drinking plenty of water and eating lean protein at every meal.

Amplification Based Methods Polymerase Chain Reaction

When PCR is used in the detection of target genes from food matrices or mixed culture, the quality of the DNA that will serve as template for amplification is of concern. Cultures and food matrices may contain substances which inhibit PCR (Fakhr, McEvoy, Sherwood, & Logue, 2006) these include products such as carbohydrates, fats, polysaccharides, and proteins. Commercial PCR clean-up kits have been developed to reduce this effect. Efficiency or utility of PCR may be enhanced using different enzymes and labeling agents. Speciality Taq polymerases may be used to increase the efficiency of the PCR (Fratamico & Bales, 2005), and the use of fluorescent-labeled primers has lowered detection limits. For example, Chen et al. (1998) used fluorescent-labeled primers for detection of shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) from

Stop Kidney Stones

DeMaria, I had gone to the hospital with chest pains. My liver enzymes were very high and the doctor was talking about removing my gall bladder. Dr. Bob had suggested that I start taking cleansing supplementation to clean up my liver that was toxic. I also started eating beets. After


Although linear polymers may be considered to be of nanomeric dimensions, there is one specific group of polymers that is designed to exploit its nanomeric size and characteristics. These are dendrimers and they are large and complex molecules with very well-defined structures. They are almost perfectly monodisperse macromolecules with a regular and highly branched three-dimensional architecture. Dendrimers can act as biologically active carrier molecules in drug delivery, to which can be attached therapeutic agents. They can also be used as scavengers of metal ions, offering the potential for environmental clean-up operations.65


Teachers use a variety of techniques, cues, and signals for transitions. In addition to those previously mentioned, the following techniques have proven helpful One teacher sets a timer when her class breaks into language arts and math activities. A few minutes before the activity ends, she warns, We have about three minutes left before the timer rings. When it rings, she says, FREEZE. Then she gives directions to the class, usually to clean up. Other teachers reward table groups for good transitions. Table numbers are listed on the board. Every time a group does something well, the teacher praises specifically and puts a star by the table number. Clean up time Table two cleaned up first. They get a star. Table three has the most stars let's give them a round of applause. They will get to line up first.

Fast Food

In the wake of bad PR, McDonald's and the rest of the fast-food industry have begun to clean up their image. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Frito-Lay are among the big names that have in recent years sponsored campaigns to get kids more active and promote healthy lifestyles. In addition, fast-food chains have introduced or vamped up the marketing of a variety of healthier alternatives. Most places are offering more salads and veggie burgers and are devoting more airtime to promoting them. McDonald's has been promoting its new white-meat chicken nuggets, while Wendy's has started including orange slices in its children's meals. Denny's and other fast-food diners have added vegetable and heart-smart sides to compete with their classic French fries.

Nuclear Radiation

Which can lead to deaths from cancer caused by radiation. In March 1979 the nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania experienced a major accident. To prevent a disastrous meltdown, radioactive air was pumped into the atmosphere. Conservative estimates put the number of people who died from leukemia and other cancers because of exposure to the toxic air at more than three hundred. Cleaning up the plant took more than six years and cost 1 billion.

Figure 101

Furthermore, some categories are not well established in memory but seem to be formed on-the-fly (Barsalou, 1983). These, so-called ad hoc categories, are constructed by people to achieve certain goals. For example, if you wanted to sell off your unwanted possessions you might construct a category of things to sell at a garage sale. Barsalou has shown that the associations between instances of these concepts and the concept itself are not well established in memory but can be constructed if required (for more recent work see Ross & Murphy, 1999 and Chapter 9).

Microbes and mines

Papers read at the conference told how organisms can be used to recover precious metals from tailings and low-grade ores, clean up contaminated soil and water from worked-out mines. Given the range of possibilities and the successes so far, the next few years should see more and more bacteria, fungi, algae, and even plants

Temporal Perspective

The basic unit of cognition on Level 3 is the event. Events are chained together to encode long event sequences or plans. Events and plans involve the linkage of a variety of actions on objects. For example, we might devise a plan to clean up the house that will involve a variety of operations using brooms, vacuums, sponges, and fluids. In addition, our plans may involve other people with whom we work in parallel and in cooperation. The execution and tracking of these complex plans requires not only perspective taking, but also perspective shifting. These shifts involve new combinations of actors, actions, and objects. Representing perspective shifts requires a method for representing and accessing competing plans, resolving the competition, and developing optimal sequences of the components (Sacerdoti, 1977).

Without a Blemish

Cleaning up your diet by minimizing sugar alone will reduce the blemishes by 30 to 40 percent in three months or less. It may take longer depending on your state of toxicity. Blemishes all over your body equate to more congestion and work for you to do. Eat carrots on your salad daily. They are an excellent source of vitamin A. Your body uses vitamin A for skin and liver restoration.

How will I eat

Burning either the food or the cook Microwave ovens have simplified cooking for everyone, but be sure that the oven is easily accessible to minimize spilling hot liquids or foods. An electric broom makes cleaning up the floor a breeze, and the new soft cloth sweeping systems are better than a broom and dustpan.


In 1995, the 104th Congress directed the Department of Energy (DOE see Appendix E for list of acronyms) to establish a basic research program to support its mission to clean up the nation's nuclear weapons complex. DOE established the Environmental Management Science Program (EMSP) in response to this mandate. This program is managed jointly by the department's Offices of Energy Research (ER) and Environmental Management (EM) and is designed to bridge the gap between fundamental research and needs-driven applied research in order to promote the development of new and improved cleanup technologies. Gephart, R. E., and Lundgren, R. E. 1995. Hanford Tank Clean up A Guide to Understanding the Technical Issues. PNL-10773. Richland, Washington Pacific Northwest Laboratory.

Recurrent Networks

Hopfield networks can be utilized to perform a number of information-processing tasks. One such task is that of constraint satisfaction. Here the weights Jj are set, either by design or via a learning algorithm (see machine learning), to encode a particular set of desired constraints between nodes. Minimizing the energy corresponds to finding a state in which as many of the constraints are met as possible. Another task is associative memory, in which the minima of the energy function are viewed as memories to be retrieved. The updating of the system according to Eq. (2) corresponds to the cleaning up of corrupted memories. Finally, Hopfield networks can be used for optimization applications in such applications the weights are chosen by

Practical aspect

The flooring consisted of a washable surface - easy to clean up spillages, writing on the floors. (Alexander liked drawing 'noughts and crosses' in the middle of the living room carpet.) Most of the children whom I played with enjoyed spilling a drop of drink and spending hours playing with it. I met parents complaining about their children's habit of pouring the entire content of a bottle onto the carpet whilst laughing. I remember a child inviting me to look at how he poured the contents of a bottle on the floor In a specially designed playroom, games such as these can be explored and developed further and in time they evolve naturally into more meaningful activities.

Closing thoughts

A cleaner environment, like better health and nutritious food, is something everybody wants. And we want to achieve it cheaply and easily. Environmental biotechnology makes such promises, with its tremendous potential to find better ways to dispose of waste, convert by-prod-ucts to energy and new materials, and clean up polluted areas. But it sometimes sounds too good to be true. A 1993 statement from the U.S. National Research Council Committee on In Situ Bioremediation said that this field is open to abuse and has become attractive for snake oil salesmen who claim to be able to solve all types of contamination problems.

Organic farming

The cost of organic food is higher than that of conventional food because the organic price tag more closely reflects the true cost of growing the food substituting labour and intensive management for chemicals, the health and environment costs of which are borne by society. These costs include clean-up of polluted water and remediation of pesticide contamination. Prices for organic food include costs of growing, harvesting, transportation and storage. In the case of processed foods, processing and packaging costs are also included. Organically produced foods must meet stricter regulations governing all these steps than conventional foods. The intensive management and labour used in organic production are frequently (though not always) more expensive than the chemicals routinely used on conventional farms. There is mounting evidence that, if all the indirect costs of conventional food production were factored into the price of food, organic foods would cost the same or, more likely,...

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