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25% of the phenotypic variation between the twins, as well as shared environmental effects for 13%, and unique environmental effects for 62% of the phenotypic variance among twins.91

Although rare, the first evidence that human gallstones might be caused by a singlegene defect came from a study by Lin and colleagues,92 who found that among 232 Mexican Americans, a variant of the cholesterol 7a-hydroxylase (CYP7A1) gene was associated with gallstones in men but not in women. A homozygous deletion mutation in the CYP7A1 gene could result in loss of enzyme function. Thus, CYP7A1 is an attractive candidate gene because it encodes the rate-limiting enzyme in the neutral pathway for bile salt synthesis in the liver and because bile salts are essential for forming bile and for keeping cholesterol molecules solubilized in simple and mixed micelles in bile. Pullinger and colleagues93 found a new link between another single-gene defect of CYP7A1 and cholesterol gallstones associated with hypercholesterolemia resistant to HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors in 2 male homoyzgotes.

These epidemiologic investigations underscore the importance of genetic contributions to the formation of cholesterol gallstones in humans.

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